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Troubleshooting installation issues

The installer is unable to install the product

  • Make sure that PhotoEngine or HDRengine is not currently running. Quit the application and run the installer again.
  • Restart your system and run the installer again.
  • Verify that your Anti-Virus software is not blocking the installation of new software. You can try to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus and run the installer.


The installer reports the following error message: "Error opening file for writing"

Your Windows configuration requires that you run the installer "as an administrator".


Here is how to proceed:

1 - Download the installer. Note down where the installer is saved or select an easy to find location such as My Documents or the Desktop.
2 - Locate the "PhotoEngineSetup.exe" or "HDRengineSetup.exe" file you just downloaded.
3 - Hold the shift-key and right-click the icon of the installer.
4 - Select "Run as Administrator" in the menu.
5 - Follow the instructions given by Windows and finish the installation.


My serial number is rejected by the application

Make sure you have installed the right product. You cannot unlock Oloneo HDRengine with a PhotoEngine serial number and vice versa.