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HDR ToneMap


High Dynamic re-exposure in real-time

Deeply re-expose pictures in a fully real time, 32-bit per channel (96-bit per pixel), ultra-wide gamut and full resolution high dynamic re-exposure module without compromising details and color appearance.


Main features

  • Full real time controls.
  • Four high-end tone mapping engines: 
  • Auto Tone Mapper
  • Local Tone Mapper
  • Advanced Local Tone Mapper
  • Global Tone Mapper
  • Natural HDR™ processing mode.  NEW
  • Auto-exposure correction with fine-tuning.
  • Auto-contrast.
  • Detail size and threshold controls.
  • Halo control.
  • Ghost removal.
  • Over 40 factory presets + user presets.  NEW
  • Batch processing.  NEW
  • EXIF preservation.  NEW
  • Full color management with display calibration support.  NEW
  • Edge sharpening.
  • Auto-align and auto orientation, and more.


Example uses

  • Completely recover lost details in overexposed areas in a photo, automatically or manually.
  • Fully restore low-light areas in underexposed photos while removing noise, automatically or manually.
  • Create infinite variations of an image, from the most realistic look to the utmost creative tone-mapping style.