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General features
Fully Real time image edition yes yes
Raw photo support yes yes
96-bit per pixel yes yes
32-bit HDR color channels yes yes
Ultra wide gamut yes yes
Full color management yes yes
Display calibration support yes yes
Unlimited undo/redo yes yes
Full edition history yes yes
Video tutorials yes yes
Exif import/export yes yes
Priority technical support yes no
HDR Tone Map
32-bit HDR from bracketed photos yes yes
Raw photo support yes yes
Single Raw processing yes yes
Real time Tone Mapping yes yes
Real time image edition yes yes
Auto Align / Ghost Removal yes yes
Auto Tone Mapper yes yes
Local Tone Mapper yes yes
Global Tone Mapper yes yes
Natural HDR Mode yes yes
Contrast/Brightness/White Balance yes yes
Factory Presets yes yes
HDR Tone Map Advanced
Advanced Local Tone Mapper yes no
Photographic Print Toning yes no
Brightness Curve editor yes no
Saturation Curve editor yes no
Color Equalizer, Hue Curve yes no
Color Equalizer, Saturation Curve yes no
Color Equalizer, Brightness Curve yes no
Panorama mode yes no
User Presets yes no
HDR ReLight
Relight Raw photos yes no
Auto-Detect Ambient Light yes no
Multi White Balance yes no
Auto-Detect Light Temperature yes no
HDR DeNoise
Denoise stacked Raw photos yes no
Full detail preservation yes no
No smooting or blurring yes no
File support
Raw photo import yes yes
TIFF and JPEG import/export yes yes
32-bit Radiance import yes no
32-bit OpenEXR import yes no
32-bit Radiance export yes no
32-bit OpenEXR export yes no
Batch Raw photo processing yes no
Batch HDR and Tone Mapping yes no
Lightroom plug-in yes no